Loving Your Neighbor

Hello, lovely! Happy Saturday, and welcome back to the Death Before Decaf Blog. Today’s topic was ranked 3rd out of the 4 that you voted on most recently. If you haven’t voted and want to be in the know, follow me on Instagram @theboldcogirl! I have a new poll each month that YOU get to decide what blogs and podcasts I do next! If you don’t know already, the Death Before Decaf blog recently went audio and is now a podcast as well! You can find it on iTunes Podcasts, Spotify, and the Anchor App. Just search “Death Before Decaf”.

Today I’m going to talk about, DUN DUN DUN, loving your neighbor! You’re probably thinking, “Rach. That’s a no-brainer. I don’t even need this blog. Thank u, next.” Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but while it IS and should be a no-brainer, there are a lot of ways to fall short in this area. I fall short every day! What inspired this topic is a study series by Louie Giglio titled “Relat(able)”. This series focuses on relationships you have with other people, and YOURSELF. He explains that one really important thing to remember about the whole phrase, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” is the YOURSELF part! I think often times we tend to think of that in terms of “Well, I wouldn’t let myself starve, so I’ll donate to food banks”, or “Well, I wouldn’t let myself be homeless, so I’ll donate to charities that help the homeless”. I want to encourage you to dive a little deeper, and think a little more personally.

In order to really understand how we love ourselves, and want to be loved, let’s take a little inventory. Throughout the day I’m sure you have a pretty strong inner monologue going. I’m sure there are a million things you wish people would do differently, or if you’re in the customer service industry like me, there’s probably a thousand things from each interaction you wish the other person had done differently. People are inconsiderate, selfish, and rude. It’s just how it is! That’s why movements like paying it forward and self love are so popular- they’re out of the norm. It feels good to be remembered, recognized, and helped by people who may not even know you. So, think of at least 5 things that you would love for others to do for you daily. This can be anything from not hanging up on you, to doing the dishes, to texting you back! It doesn’t matter how big or small it is.

Ok, we’re about to kick it up a notch. Now I want you to do everything on that list for someone else this week. If you’re thinking, “Oh, crap”, you’re not alone. This has me feeling especially convicted and honestly I just came out to have a good time… LOL. But, real talk, what scares you about this? What is challenging about this for you? Is it out of your comfort zone? It’s certainly out of mine! It’s hard for us to picture serving others- especially when we feel like they’re less than deserving. You know what, though? I guarantee it will make all the difference in the way you think.

I’m not saying this will be easy, in fact, it will be the exact opposite. I just want to encourage you to do this with me! We’re in it together. Let’s change the way we think, and turn those thoughts outward. As the weather warms up, let’s do the same with our hearts. Sometimes it helps to get out of our own wants and needs and focus on something bigger than ourselves!