Creating Opportunity

Hello, loves! Welcome back to the Death Before Decaf blog!

Today I'm going to talk about what to do if you're feeling stuck with your business and like you just don't have the same audience/platform as other professionals in your industry. 

More often than not, when you first start your business you will not be starting with a huge following, clientele, or platform with which to market and show your stuff! Typically you'll be starting from scratch, and it can be difficult to be heard amongst all the other big fish in the pond. 

When I first started this business, I had a personal Instagram account, and a business one. My personal account had about 200 followers and my business one had about 50 followers- and even getting that many was like pulling teeth. After about 3 months of getting nowhere with social media, I decided to "cheat" and merge my 2 accounts onto the one that had more followers (of course)! I turned my personal account into "@sennerofattentionevents" and focused my efforts on just one account. Instead of just waiting around for my business account to get popular, I used what was already there to propel my business forward! I then started marketing with intention, and now I have close to 800 followers only a year later. It's a slow, but steady incline that can be difficult to maintain with Instagram's ever-changing "algorithm". The key is to never stop learning! 

Social media is just one component in marketing when it comes to business, and sometimes it can be impossible to create a brand with next to nothing to go on. What I mean by this, is if you're a new business chances are you haven't done anything worth sharing yet! Again, when I first started Senner of Attention Events I had ZERO events under my belt.

Typically, when this is the case in my industry, you have a "Styled Shoot". This is an event that you style with donated resources to show off what you can do and so potential clients have a baseline of what your planning/design style is. I had mine at Thousand Acre Farm wedding venue in Middletown with a donated display cake from Cakes by Kim, floral centerpieces from Jen-Mor florist, a tuxedo from Formal Affairs, and my bride model brought her own wedding dress. My sister took the photos, and I bought some decorations and brought dishes from home for place settings. Once I had these photos, I used them for marketing and put them in my portfolio! 

As time has gone on, I've realized that creating opportunity for yourself can be as simple as staging a photo shoot, or as complex as hosting your own event from scratch! Remember when Meghan and I hosted the Pop-Up Shop Party? That was totally on our own, and we made a LOT of great connections, not to mention the waves we made just by being young and hosting such a huge event without any other companies backing us up. Now, when the opportunity arises, the Pop-Up Shop Party will be even more successful a second time around! 

Don't sit around and wait for things to happen. MAKE them happen! You don't have to be "established" or "experienced" to do things that other people in your industry are doing all the time. All you have to have is know how and some guts! The rest you can figure out along the way. 

If everyone waited for the "right time" to do things, or for the "perfect" conditions- they'd be waiting forever. So my advice to you is to be scared and do it anyway! The worst that could happen is you learn something new. You can't fail unless you quit. 

Go out there and make things happen, loves! I know you'll do amazing at whatever you put your mind to. 



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