Taking the Plunge

Hello lovelies! 

Most of my business endeavors have been a HUGE leap of faith. Today I'm going to talk about how I made "taking the plunge" a part of my business plans on a regular basis. 

When I first started my business I knew I wanted to be a trend setter, make waves, and be a role model! Being a young female entrepreneur, it wasn't too hard to figure out what would make me stand out. I knew I would need to attend BIG events, create impressive events for myself, and network with established businesses. 

Knowing these things and executing them are a whole different story. I was terrified to be seen and show my chops- and more importantly, I was afraid of what people would think! I was doubting my skills and expertise BIG TIME. I had to overcome this fear, and keep on in order to achieve my goals. Every move was made with my audience and the people I wanted to reach in mind. 

The Senegal Girls Home in West Africa is the organization that $5 of every #bossbabe art series purchase goes towards. This was a HUGE inspiration for me and what I wanted to do with my business. This home gives girls a place to live, an education, and most importantly safety. I want to reach girls across the world and give them inspiration and empowerment. I want them to be able to say, "If she can do it, so can I!" 

I have had so many role models that have done that for me, and it can be so empowering to see someone like you totally taking their industry by storm! Time and time again I'm amazed by all these female entrepreneurs and business leaders showing their stuff and sharing their stories. Over the last year being in business, taking the plunge has not only been a great way to step out of my comfort zone, but an integral way of connecting with other gals just like me! 

I encourage you to take the plunge 3 different ways this month! 1) Reach out to someone new, someone you admire and ask them about their story! 2) Start a new project. Begin something totally new to you, and don't be afraid to share your journey doing so! 3) Share a personal testimony. You never know who you'll reach and help, they may be going through something similar! 

Taking the plunge may never get easier for you- and it's not supposed to! Stepping out of your comfort zone is part of growing and learning. I know you have what it takes, so get out there and show everyone how FABULOUS you are! 



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