Building a Network

Hi loves! Welcome back to the Death Before Decaf Blog :) 

In business, it ALWAYS helps to know people and make connections. No matter what market you're in, no matter who you work for, no matter what you want to accomplish, if you know the right people, you'll have a much easier time getting things done. 

A little over a year ago, when I started Senner of Attention, I didn't know a single soul in the wedding industry in Delaware. The first thing I did was look for ways to connect with people! I stumbled upon the Perfect Wedding Guide Delaware. I was at a hair appointment with my friend Kirsten, and her stylist suggested that I call the publisher about advertising because the Perfect Wedding Guide was distributed to all the shops in the wedding industry in the area.

I took her advice and gave the publisher a call, and quickly realized I was in WAY over my head. It was intimidating to suddenly be putting myself in the same position as all of these other well established and successful businesses who had been in the wedding industry in Delaware for what I felt like was forever. I got the information and decided I would think it over and call back if I was ready to pull the trigger. That's when the publisher told me I would also have access to all the bridal shows in Delaware, networking luncheons with other PWG advertisers throughout the year, and a full year of advertising in the guide.

I was sold. Not only would I be gaining a captive audience, but I was being given the opportunity to connect with these other businesses I looked up to! 

I went to every luncheon I could get my hands on, and immediately signed up for a bridal show. I met so many new people and businesses over the course of just a few months that I had collected probably 75 business cards of fellow wedding industry members! These were real connections with people who had been working their way around the business in Delaware far longer than I had and were willing to give me advice, collaborate, and more. 

Having a network like this meant that when I decided to host the Pop-Up Shop Party last year, I could reach out and get 5 sponsors just from sending an e-mail. It also meant that these relationships would grow and blossom into friendships! Some of the people in my network I'm much closer to and see all the time, of course, and others I simply know I'll have a table to sit at the next time I decide to go to an event for Delaware businesses. 

When my Perfect Wedding Guide subscription ends this month, I'm going to be looking into more ways to get involved with fellow businesses not only in my industry, but more markets in Delaware! I'm excited to see what other connections I can make, and it's as simple as sometimes Googling to find what groups are helpful for business professionals. It's all about finding your groove and where you fit in. Sometimes you may fit into TONS of groups, sometimes you may have a hard time finding a group that you'll really love and connect with. That's OK. Do some research and find people who are doing similar things, reach out! You'll be surprised how many people are willing to help you and answer questions. 

You'll never know if you don't try. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a chance and contact someone you admire! You got this, loves. 



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