Fave Past Collabs

Hello, loves! Recently I've been reminiscing about my favorite past collaborations, whether it be with other #bossbabes, my best friends, or for big projects. Last year was an awesome year filled with tons of partnerships. Here are my top 3 favorites! 


1. The Creative Elite


This was a group of girls pulled together by Meghan Santana and Samantha Cookingham (2 amazing photographers I've mentioned before) that got together and decided on a photoshoot theme! We ended up deciding on the theme "The Darkness of Disney" and went for a moody forest vibe. We did this photoshoot almost exactly a year ago, and it was FREEZING out, but the photos turned out amazing! I also loved getting to know the other girls, and fun fact: this was one of the first projects I did with Meghan! 


Scroll through the photos below!


2. The Pop-up Shop Party

This was a HUGE idea I had, and was actually the first project Meghan and I worked on together! It took a LOT of blood, sweat, tears, and panic attacks, but it turned out so wonderfully and was a great way to build each other up as #bossbabes! We ended up having 25 vendors, a live band, a sponsored photo booth, event photos, henna booth, florist, and snapchat geofilter. If Meghan hadn't gone all in with me, this event would have never happened! 

Stay tuned for this year's edition of the Pop-up ;) Meanwhile, peep the photos from last year below! 


3. The #Bossbabe 2018 Video & Photos 

For my brand re-launch on January 1st this year, I also released a brand new #bossbabe art series line complete with new photos and a new video! As usual, all throughout the creative process I had serious doubts about whether everything would actually come together in time, and whether it would actually be good! I was so pleased with the final product of everything, and I had such a blast making the video with my friends! Not only that, but every time I make progress with new #bossbabe stuff, I know it will be benefitting something bigger than me. In case you didn't know, every order you place with #bossbabe, $5 of it goes towards the Senegal Girls Home in West Africa. You can read more about that here :)

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this awesome video happen, and to Samantha for the gorgeous product shots! 



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