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THE #BOSSBABE ARt series is an art series that is made for empowering women and encouraging and building each other up. $5 from each order is donated to the senegal girls home in west africa. 

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About The Senegal Girls Home:

Children are the future of West Africa. However, children also remain the most vulnerable segment of the population, often neglected and sometimes targeted by a growing trafficking industry in the region. Jesus places a priority on children when he said, "Let the little children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the Kingdom of God." 

In 2013, the Presbyterian Church of Senegal opened a home to care for 20 girls who were at risk of being sold as sex or domestic slaves due to a crisis family situation,  unemployment, and the death or abandonment of at least one parent. Local pastors identify children subject to these risk factors and work with families, village leaders, and children to intervene. The church then takes responsibility for the children providing a quality education, food & shelter, and healthcare within a family atmosphere. The girls are a vital part of a local church, participating in the choir, bible study, and special events. House parents lead the girls in daily devotionals and prayer, and several of the girls have recently expressed a desire to be baptized. In 2015, the church opened a second home to care for a total of 40 girls, and expansion/addition of more homes will become possible the more donations are received. 

Prevention is over 90% effective at keeping children from ever being trafficked and costs less than one tenth of what intervention costs.